Interviewer: Hello, Mr. Farvardin. My name is Jane Johnson. I’m the Personnel director.
Applicant: I’m pleased to meet you.

Interviewer: Please have a seat / Please sit down over here.
Applicant: Thank you. Mr. Johnson It’s nice to meet you.

Interviewer: So, welcome to Our Company, where we specialize in making the finest bicycles in the world.
Applicant: Thank you for giving me this interview. I appreciate it!
Interviewer: It’s nice to welcome you here and I hope you’ll enjoy the interview.Please feel free to ask any question you may have.I’m going to start by …. And then we’ll talk about...Finally, we can deal with any points you would like to raise.Please ask about anything you are not sure of.

                                 Giving Information
I’d like to tell you something about …
I’m afraid we don’t …
We’d be happy to ….
Let me fill you in on the details of ….	
Could you tell me more about …?	
What exactly do you mean by…?	
Could you enlarge on that?
I wonder if you could give me an example of …?
Why did you deal with the situation in that way?
I’m working for/at a large company.
She’s working in sales team.
They are responsible to or accountable to their boss/manager.
They are responsible to or accountable to their boss/manager.	
Interviewer: According to your resume, you have several years of Oracle DB experience.
Applicant: Yes. I’ve had over ten years’ experience.
Interviewer: …..

Interviewer: Thank you for coming in to see us today, Mr. Farvardin. We will call you in a few weeks with our decision. Take care, and have a nice day.
Applicant: Thank you very much. It’s been a pleasure meeting you. I hope to hear from you soon. Goodbye!
I am an Oracle Database Administrator with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry in sophisticated and mission critical banking and non-banking domains. I am Specialist in Oracle Database capable of managing Oracle databases in enterprise scale, designing and establishing HA and Reliability with Oracle RAC and standby databases, defining Backup & Recovery strategies, installing the Oracle Patches and Upgrades Oracle Servers.

I can do designing and implementing Oracle RAC on Linux Platforms. || There for I can installing RAC environment for your company if infrastructure is prepared.

I have significant capabilities in Installing and Administrating Oracle Active Data guard on Linux and windows platforms. || If you have Oracle 11g on your company or in site of your client, I can implement this strategy on your database.

I am qualified in defining Oracle Rman Backup and recovery strategies on Windows and Linux Platforms. || This is mean that we can prepare a good scripts for backup and recovery strategies in you company.

I am able to define Oracle EXPORT / IMPORT Backup strategies and cold and hot backup on Windows and Linux Platforms. || This means in your company, if in some cases we needed a logical backup, I can prepare a script with variety of methods .I do this job for many years and I am very professional in this method of backup.

I am Specialist in Oracle Enterprise Manager on Windows and Linux Platforms. || This means that I can manage and monitor database with OEM for company.

I am specialist in VERITAS Backup EXEC software || this means that I can work with tape device for writing backups on Tandberg and HP hardware for your company.

I am qualified in installing the Oracle Patches and Upgrades Oracle Servers.

I can do designing and implementing Oracle Logical Standby on Linux and Windows || for some of in case in your company you may need a database similar real database, I can perform logical database with read and write permissions. Although in my idea this strategy is not good because I had some problem with that in my previous job.

Also when we have Oracle 10g, I did design and implemented Oracle Physical Standby on Windows Platform. || Now we don’t need Standby database because after oracle 11g we can prepare ADG with read permission. Also we can use Oracle Golden Gate instead of this type of standby.

I worked with variety of versions of oracle database such as: Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, and Oracle 12c also Oracle Grid Infrastructure.

I have significant capabilities in Installing and Administering Oracle ASM file system and OCFS2 file system.|| I can configure ASM File Systems for Datafiles. I can also configure backup over OCFS2 File Systems in RAC environment.

I am Specialist in Oracle Client and toad software for managing Oracle databases also I use Spotlight for monitoring database.

I am familiar with commands in Linux Servers and windows server for Oracle Databases.

I worked with EMC Storage and Netapp and P2000, then I can configure these storages in your Environments.		
First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. It’s my pleasure to introduce myself.
My name is Ali Farvardin and I am 37 years old. I was born in Mashhad. Growing up, I realized I am passionate about Computer Science; therefore, I continued my education until I got my Master's degree at Imam Reza International University. 
Also, My university degree documents are approved by the German Institute of ZAB 
I have also passed numerous training courses related to my major and received two certificates of professional training, three certificates of vocational training and six certificates of vocational skills. 
I have more than 10 years of work experience in Oracle DB in sophisticated and mission critical banking and non-banking domains.
In addition, many years ago I was in the field of web programing I Worked with VB – HTML – ASP3.0 .And I also understand the architecture of Office Automation System software.

Interviewer: Iran!!!!? I think I’ve heard of that state. Beautiful, and very green, right?
Applicant: Yes, it is.

Interviewer: I see. And tell me about your family?
Applicant: Well, there are 7 people in my family. I have a wonderful wife.
I realized I am eager about Computer Science, therefore, I got my diploma in computer in 1998 and started doing my Associate's degree in computer engineering in Azad University of Iran in the same year. 
After getting my A.S, I enrolled in Iqbal Lahoori Institute in Mashhad and got my Bachelor's degree there. 
I got My Master's in Computer Engineering, in Imam Reza International University. 
I have also passed numerous training courses related to my major and received two certificates of professional training, three certificates of vocational training and six certificates of vocational skills	
I realized I am eager about Computer Science, therefore, I got my diploma in computer in 1998 and started doing my Associate's degree in computer engineering in Azad University of Iran in the same year. After getting my A.S, I enrolled in Iqbal Lahoori Institute in Mashhad and got my Bachelor's degree there. I got My Master in Computer Engineering, in Imam Reza International University. 
After finishing my studies at university, I decided to join one of the biggest software companies and started working there. During my nine-year cooperation with this company I have gained a lot of experience. I was able to gain a deep understanding of Paper Less systems and Oracle database software.
After 9 years, I changed my job.

So, I joined another company that was active in the Paper Less domain, and worked there for a year; however, After 1 year I came to conclusion I cannot stay in this company and I must left there. Because my specialty was Oracle DBA and this company did not have Oracle Database. Then, I tried to improve my skills at the same time until I find a job as the expert in charge of database (esp. Oracle Database) in Melal Credit Company. Our responsibility was backup and recovery, maintenance, security, Storage. 

In addition to describe the work experience mentioned above, I worked for several years as a consultant in the field of office automation and database in two other private companies. One of these companies was in the field of mining and the other one in the field of electricity
I have been working in Melal institute since 2016. My responsibility was oracle Database Administrator. We were four people in a team. All of people in our team were "Oracle Database administrator".  We did many task there. At first, we had a standalone server over there .Our team decided to change this server to cluster server .Therefore, we planned to prepare "RAC instance." After a few days, when our server was warmed up, we planned for "standby database" in banking environment .After that, our team planned to prepare 3 nodes of "standby database". Because banking environment is very critical. We came to conclusion, for this environment we have to prepare "Rman Backup" and "Datapump Backup ".Therefore, we started "Full Backup" twice a week, and other days we created "Incremental Backup" and "Archive Log Backup". In addition, sometimes we needed to recover some of data, Therefor we prepared a server for recovery. Any time that our organization wants a data, our team recover on that server. The other responsibilities of mine was transferring backups on the tape device. We had 2 tape devices, Tandberg and HP. We used VERITAS software for those devices. On that organization we had variety of Storage device such as P200, Netapp, and EMC. All of data on Primary Server were saved in EMC. And All of Data on Standby Database were saved in the "Netapp".Also, our "Backup" were saved in the "P2000".I have gained a lot of experience in my previous job. Because I have worked with this professional devices and I have had professional colleagues. On that 4 years, Several Times Our team forced to set up Oracle RAC and Oracle STDB. In My last job, we had an OGG and also a "Logical standby." We used ASM File system for all of our databases. Also, all of our OS were Oracle Linux and we did all of things with those OS. Usually, in our team, we used Toad software to manage our Databases. Also we launched a Spotlight for BI database.

Why did you leave this company?
Doing some research during past few years, I have found Germany perfectly advanced in computer engineering, software and banking system among European countries. Considering the aforementioned data and my own interest in German culture, I decided to check the available job opportunities and the required skills in Germany and increase my knowledge of the country. Finally I   gained job seeker visa and left that company with all of good memories. Because I needed to improve my knowledge and skills in computer science and engineering.
About 4 years ago, I decided to learn Linux and increase my knowledge in oracle at Linux platform. Therefore I started Linux course. At the same time I started working in behpardaz. My responsibilities were Backup and recovery and monitoring huge databases in MCI. I was working there, while I tried to find a job in banking environment. After I finished Linux course, I found a job in melal Credit Company.

Why did you leave this company?
I was working there temporary. Because I had a big Goal. And that goal was working in the banking environment. I needed to learn Linux for banking Environment in "Behpardaz" company I could learn it. I spoke with boss of "Behpardaz" company and he accepted me to sign a contract for a few month. After I finished my course, I was able to be hired in Melal Company. 
I was in "Behpardaz" company for a few month but it was very useful for me because I was working with huge databases in Telecommunications environments.
I was working there for 1 year. My responsibilities in that company was teaching office automation systems and backup recovery with "sqlserver". At that company I gained a good understand about "sqlserver".

Why did you leave this company?
After 1 year I came to conclusion I cannot stay in this company and I must left there. Because my specialty was Oracle DBA and this company did not have Oracle Database.	
Barid samaneh novin is a big company in Tehran. At first, I was hired there as an expert in Office Automation Systems. After few months, I became an expert in Oracle Database. My responsibility was installing and configuration Oracle database on windows Platform. Step by step I tried to learn more in oracle db. Therefore, after sometimes I could do backup and recovery. Also, repeatedly I recover data from rman backup, export&Datapump backup, cold backup. After getting familiar with structure of standby database, about 1 year ago I could create standby db and fail over on that Database. Then for 3 years my responsibility was creating standby db for customers. After getting familiars with ADG, I started to create ADG for Customers. On that Company for several years I worked only with Oracle db and my main responsibilities was backup recovery and ADG.

Why did you leave this company?
After 9 years, I decided to change my job because it had become exactly repetitive and I needed to have variety. I Liked that Company and its managers, because I was starting my main Current expertise in there. Now after several years, I still have relationship with them. I really Love that company and all of its bosses. I never forget that company and my colleagues. That company was a big platform for me, because in that company I learned oracle Database administration.
I was teacher in MITTC center for a while. In MITTC I was teaching HTML, ASP3. After a few months I decided to leave teaching because this job was Part Time and I needed Full time job. Also on that time I had offer from "Barid Samaneh".	
I always want to learn new things, I am a quick learner.

I've always been a natural leader. With over ten years of experience in Oracle DBA, I can lead a big team of DBA in any company

I can work with diverse groups of people.(Team working)

"I’ve always considered myself to have a very strong work ethic. I am committed to do whatever it takes to meet deadlines. 

I cannot say NO when someone ask for help.

I am not comfortable until I finish   my work in given time.

I cannot focus on my work until everything is organized but I am happy because your company is organized.

I think my biggest weakness is I don’t talk too much. People think I am introvert and not interested in them. But my personal opinion is to keep quiet is better than talking.
Sometimes, I spend more times than necessary on task, I like to make sure that work is perfect, so I tend to spend too much time checking it.

I have to admit I sometimes miss small details, but I always have a notebook for writing small detail so I have never had any problem with this weakness.

I feel that my English and German   communication skills could be stronger and I am working to improve my communication skills.

										I working on my weaknesses to overcome it.
I was reading the job description and noticed you mention needing someone who have Oracle DBA expertise. This is really exciting to me because I’m interested in growing in that area and I have spent 15 years doing it, already, you can read some project where I did in my cv. My past experience will help me contribute immediately in this area for you.   

I am also a person who likes to build relationships. I am looking for a company where I not only enjoy what I am doing - but I can also grow into new positions. I am very good at what I do, but in the Oracle database field there are always new tools and technologies coming out. I want a company that allows me to learn more and expand my capabilities into new areas.
“Well, I know you’re one of the biggest software company based on what I read on your website. The work environment of the company is very good. People feel proud to be part of the I was eager to apply and interview here.”
Yes. I have sent my CV to some companies and I have had some interview so far. But my first priority is your company.
Yes, I am married. But now I am here alone, after I get a job and settle down, they will join me.
I read your company’s mission and vision. After finding out more information about your company from social media, I can clearly see how my goals align with the purposes of the company.
It is a great privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours.  When I read about your company I found that my skill are matching your requirements.

I want this job because it used Oracle Database that is my greatest skill sets. In my previous jobs, I was dealing with oracle database software. I understand that this is a company on the rise. This job is a good fit for what I've been doing and enjoying throughout my career.
Well, I think your company should hire me because I am self-motivated, a team-player, and a quick learner.

I am highly motivated Database Administrator with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry in sophisticated and mission critical banking and non-banking domains. I have significant capabilities in Installing, administrating and optimizing of Oracle Databases including Oracle RAC, Data Guard, and Backup & Recovery and also troubleshooting the complex and critical situations. I think that my experience in the IT industry and my ability to work, make me a good match for this position.

I consider myself hardworking / reliable / dependable / helpful / outgoing / organized / honest/ cooperative. I pay attention to details. I understand my customers’ needs. I love challenges.
As per my thinking | in my opinion , in Oracle database administration career I am getting chances to learn multiple skills like operating system, networking, hardware, applications. As Oracle DBA, I get lots of opportunities in troubleshooting which are thrilling for me and learning new things every day. Due to these all reasons, I like Oracle DBA career. Off course, these all things are happening if you work hard and monitor your every database, application trends, operating system logs, hardware capacity, network monitoring. If you go to office and seat ideally for waiting of complaint about performance or disaster then you would never learn anything and one day you get bored from your existing job.
Oracle is a worldwide leader and Oracle database is most popular globally. Thus, jobs are available more than another RDBMS DBA jobs. Most of the companies are using Oracle database on various platforms. That Means chances of Oracle DBA jobs are more at any types of industry like telecom, finance, banking, etc. This is might be one of the valid reason for choosing Oracle DBA career.
In my last job, I worked with all of Essentials in this position, and I am experienced in this field. Therefore I Believe with my experience and skills this position is really fits me. Generally I can do all tasks in this position and I am ready to do that.
I enjoyed the people I worked with. It was a friendly and fun atmosphere, and I actually enjoyed going to work each morning. I felt that the leadership team was great too. They knew all of their employees on a first name basis and tried to make those personal connections.
"I worked for a small company for a year and missed out on a lot of benefits a larger company provides such as training, structured work environment, and a wider variety of work. So I want to work for a large company."

"I want to work for a small company because I feel I'll have more opportunities to gain valuable experience. I know some friends in large companies and they have specific roles that limit what they're capable of doing. I'm hoping that a small company will have more variety and challenges for each employee."
Regarding the migration process, I left the previous job. I always remember that place well.

I am thankful to my previous organization because I have learn a lot of things from there. According to me changes are necessary for everyone to enhance skills, knowledge and for personal growth and financial growth.
I prefer to work in an environment with a strong emphasis on teamwork and know how to work together to utilize everyone's talents to produce the best outcomes.
Of course yes, in my last job I made a lot of progress. I used to work in a large organization in my previous job, therefore I dealt with the professional and variety devices. When I was there, I had a lot of offer from some organization. But I stayed there because it satisfied me / I really enjoyed it / I interested in
I always think that it is important to get feedback on how I am performing so that I can improve my work.

I welcome criticism as an opportunity to learn, and it is also a part of work management. I always try to focus on my work and do worry about the mistakes and handle it cautiously.
Yes it has happened a lot of times in my career. For example, when I worked at BARID Company, most of organization in my city used a famous software for OAS. That software was very famous in my country (such as SAP in Germany).This software like the other software has some problems. After a while I was able to collect all of its error and published the book for all organizations that were using that software.
Another example is, I prepared some documents for oracle Backup and recovery. In those documents I explained   RMAN | EXP | EXPDMP and COLDBACKUP. Then I made it accessible for all my colleagues to use its strategy to do their tasks. Now I have that documents and use it for myself.
"I have a couple of friends who hate working under pressure. I don't know if it's odd, but I really enjoy working under pressure. I use the feelings of pressure as a tool to motivate me to work harder and more efficiently. 
When I was in Previous company and providing DBA support during the night. At that, I was alone Oracle DBA in duty with some IT operation guys. At 2:45 AM, I was monitoring all databases and same time I found something wrong with our one of the production database. Database crashed and we got physical corruption in a datafile which size was around 80 GB. Immediately I tried to call my superiors but nobody picked my phone. That time I decided to restore datafile from the last backup and started the recovery process. Before this process, I stopped my all standby databases of the production database. The recovery process took around 4 hours for extracting datafile from backup, copying, applying archive logs. But finally, production database was up. Early in the morning, I got a call from my superiors and they shocked to hear about this scenario. Next day I got appreciation but those 6 hours were really horrible for me.
I'm committed to working with the team, so I'm willing to stay in extra hours when my group is under the pressure."
My short term goal  are : 
1.	I want to get a job in reputed company where I can utilized my skills.
2.	I would like to develop myself to become the best.
3.	I strive to enhance my communication and motivation skills

My long term goal are:  
to be in respectable position in that organization. Eventually I would love to see myself as a manager here.
I love being outdoors— I enjoy going on camping trips with my friends and family. I find being outside is a great way to de-stress. It is also a great way to spend quality time with my friends and family, away from our phones and computers and busy lives. One of my hobbies is playing club sports. I love activities that allow me to meet new people and work with others.
Yes I can and I like this challenge. I believe this position will provide me with a lot of great opportunities, so I would definitely be willing to relocate.	
Base on my past experience I believe that a range of €51,000 to €54,000+ per year would be a suitable number for the jab role.

However, I am flexible, and I would be willing to talk about salary in more detail if offered the position. 
My last manager and I had a close relationship. She appreciated all of my efforts when it came to working overtime and taking my work home when required. I believe she would describe me as unique, reliable and energetic
I am comfortable working alone and in a group depending on the situation. If the task is easy enough to tackle on my own without requiring collective brainstorming, I am happy to work on my own. However, if the assignment is a high priority one or is too much for one person to handle, I welcome working with a team to tackle the project together. In my experience, most projects require a combination of independent work and brainstorming depending on their various elements
Additionally, having a team behind me gives me confidence that if I come across something I am unsure of while working alone, I have the resources to consult someone who can educate or help me.
I am very excited about this role. I intend to develop my skills and expertise over the course of the next few years, to be a part of a great team and show my worth. I would love to have the chance to grow in the business and would be keen to progress.

Your mission is very important to me and I hope that I am able to develop my skills and use my work ethic to secure a bright future.
I love dolphins for so many reasons. They are cute, intelligent, friendly and sociable. They are graceful and just completely brilliant and wonderful. I have loved dolphins for as long as I can remember and I really want to swim with them at some time in the near future. 
Germany has increasingly become a more attractive moving place. People from all over the world are finding that there are benefits to Germany that few countries have. Its favorable economy, employment opportunities, better education system with few tuition expenses have made many people, want to immigrate to Germany.

I have two cousins living in Germany. One of them who is currently a student in Germany introduced me job seeker visa. I learned more about myself by doing some research on the Internet. Doing a lot of research on the Internet and consulting some experts as well as my friends and relatives in Germany, I have realized that my expertise is required in Germany. Also I am very interested in this country and it is a very large and advanced country especially in the domain of software in banking systems. 

Experience in the international environment and the experience of a new life in an advanced country is due to my immigration to Germany and the search for work here. Undoubtedly, the level of technology in Germany will make my progress.
"Stress is important to me because, when I'm under pressure, I can often do the best possible job. I make sure I have the correct balance between good and bad stress. For example, I need deadlines, which I consider good stressors. If they're not given to me, I give them to myself, to motivate myself to work efficiently. This is how I'm able to consistently turn my projects in on time or before they're due."
My Colleagues and I have ability to fix all of problems in our projects. I think team working is a best method for solving problems.

Collaborating with others helps to teach you more about yourself and your own strengths and weaknesses. 

Working in teams is both beneficial and challenging. It can help you help develop communication, negotiation and problem-solving skills while enabling you to share ideas.

Teamwork helps me sharpen my interpersonal skills -- speaking confidently and assertively while also actively listening to others. It's a great scenario in which to develop leadership skills.

One of My biggest accomplishment was recovery of database for a big organization in banking environments. There was very important and sensitive database. Because the task was critical and very difficult to do and all DBAs told them, they cannot recover that database. But after many endeavors, searching and testing I managed to recover that database. Many of my colleagues were surprised off what I did.
I read all about the company, your products, services and history and know the industry you are in and what you do.
I am working more than 5 years in banking environment and I am familiar with its challenges and I am really interested in this industry.
I am looking for my dream job as DBA administrator and also at the moment I am learning German language.
I’m passionate about Traveling. 

Traveling is simply amazing. Seeing things completely different than what people back home consider “normal” shows you how different we all are yet similar at the same time. We all need oxygen, have to eat food, want to be loved. There are just a few differences such as languages, skin complexion, dishes, and more. At the end of the day, we’re all from the human race.

I appreciate a work environment where supervisors try to make personal connections with their employees.

In my last job, I liked the fact that management did not show favoritism and they were understanding of employees’ needs, as well as their strengths. Of course, these things take time to perceive, but I would want my supervisor to try to know me in that way.

I would like to be able to go to my manager if I have an issue or idea and to be able to feel comfortable in expressing my thoughts. I would also expect my supervisor to be open and honest with me and to let me know if there is anything I could do to improve upon or do differently in my work.
I would first talk to them privately in a non-confrontational manner, using “I” statements to suggest that there might be a problem that we should resolve together. I’d also do my best to determine the root of the issue and to see if I or other team members could improve this person’s productivity. This approach works for me about 95% of the time; in cases where it doesn’t, I ask for a private consultation with my supervisor to brainstorm other solutions.	
1: My visa requirements are as follows:
Visa 18c is for persons with at least Bachelor's degree. 
This visa is for jobs related to the field of study and academic degree.
The German embassy grants the job search visa after checking and authenticating the six-month visa documents. IN this six month period, if the contract is coagulation with the employer, we will go to the foreign office and our work permit and our blue cart will be issued. After 33 months, our visa we will changed permanent residents. Then after 5 years we can get the German Passport.

2: I will be in Germany on November 5 and I will be reside in Frankfurt and Berlin and Dusseldorf. But if necessary, I can work in all the cities of Germany.
If the contract is coagulation with your company, I will go to the foreign office and our work permit will be issued. I think about 1 month I can get it.

3: I am free and after sign a contract I can give my work permit from foreign office.

4: I can work experimentally until my work permit is issued.
Thank you for giving this opportunity.
What are the next steps of recruitment process? Is there anything else I can do to improve my chances of getting this job? 
Are you providing a specific Relocation Package?
What are the office hours, Mr. Phillips?
What are the skills need to learn before joining to company?
“I’ve done a lot of research about this organization, and I really love _____ about you. 
Can you tell me more about _____?”
Can you tell me about the benefits you offer?
“Can you tell me more about the goals the company is trying to meet this quarter?”
“I would love to work here because _____.” 
When is the position available?
We’re currently maintaining a lot of databases, so we face many challenges, but my biggest challenge is probably standardization – consistency and reliability.  With such a wide variety of applications using our databases, reining in all the databases into a three-tier environment has taken more than three years.  We still have a lot of developers who try to tell us how to do our jobs to some degree, but in time we have shown we know what's best for our team and the business.

I also provide the infrastructure backbone for our team’s database maintenance process through a single self-maintained script.  Through standardization we have been able to provide reliable systems for our customer’s application.
Referees  			 	معرف ها
Marital status   			وضعیت تاهل
Address   				آدرس
Career objective 	  		اهداف کاری
Telephone number		   	شماره تلفن
Education  			 	تحصیلات
Email address   			آدرس ایمیل
Qualifications  	 		مدارک
Date of birth				تاریخ تولد
Employment history	 		سابقه استخدام
Nationality   				ملیت
Leisure interests   			علاقه های اوقات فراغت
Police officer:Where did you come from?
I am from Iran.

Police officer: How many months are you staying? 
About 6 months.

Police officer: How much money do you have with you?
I brought about six thousand euros for six months. If I need to, I can ask my family to send me.

Police officer: Where do you stay? 
I have booked a hotel room for nine nights in Trier. I'm going to rent an apartment to move in and settle.
This is my hotel reservation. Its name is: 

Police officer: What companies do you want to work with? 
My expertise is related to the database and I can collaborate with all the companies that have the database. 
Mostly with software companies.

Police officer: Where are you going to work? 
I have permission to work in all German cities. I'm going to search and find the best Company.

Police officer: How do you want to find a job?
I had a lot of job offers through job sites like: LinkedIn, Xing - But since I was not in Germany, I did not get the result. 
Now that I've come to Germany. I can correspond with different companies and have an interview in person.

Police officer: Where did you study German?  
I do not know German and I know only English. I intend to start with companies that work in English.Then I can learn German here.

Police officer: When did you get your visa? 
I took the visa for about 2 months ago.

Police officer: what is your plan? Do you intend to stay or go back?
Concerning my plans after arriving in Germany, I have booked a hotel room for nine nights in Trier, with the counsel of my relatives and my friends, I am going to rent an apartment to move in and settle At the same time, I am going to send my CV to different companies and attend job interviews and in case I do not succeed in signing a contract in six months, I will return to Iran. 
Interviewer							You
How do you do?							How do you do?
Pleased/nice/glad to meet you.					Pleased/nice/glad to meet you.
Hello/Hi							Hello.
•	"So you mean ...?"
•	"I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch that. Did you say ...?"
•	"I'm sorry. I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. Do you mean ...?"
•	"Could you repeat the question, please?"
•	When you use the interviewer's name, call them by their last name with Mr. or Ms., or whatever title they used when they first introduced themselves. You can also address them as sir or ma'am.
•	Only address the interviewer by their first name if they specifically ask you to do so.
•	If the interviewer compliments you or makes any positive comments about you, be sure to tell them "thank you."

Me:		 	 "Hello, I'm Ali Farvardin." - "I have an appointment with HR TEAM at 3."

Receptionist:		 "Hello Mr. Farvardin. Please have a seat."

Assistant:		 "Ms. Johnson is ready for you now. Please follow me." - "I'll take you to Ms. Johnson now. This way."

Me:			 "Thank you."

Assistant:		 "Ms. Johnson, this is Mr. Farvardin."

Interviewer:		 "Hello Mr. Farvardin, nice to meet you."
			 "Hello Mr. Farvardin, I am Sara Johnson
			 "How are you today?” “I’m pleased to meet you!"
			 "Hello, are you Mr. Farvardin?"
			 "Excuse me, are you Mr. Farvardin?"
			 "You must be Mr. Farvardin."
			 Hello. It's Mr. Farvardin, isn't it? 
			 Hi, Ali. I'm Sara Johnson. I'll be interviewing you today.
			"Yes, I'm Ali Farvardin. Hello. Thanks so much for having me"
			"Hello, Pleased/nice/glad to meet you too, Ms. Johnson."
			"Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today."
			"I really appreciate that you considering me for this position | role."
			"I was so excited when (you | friend of mine) told me this position (is | was) open!"
			"I’ve done a lot of research already, I’ve reviewed the job description, and it aligns well with my experience and qualifications. I’m looking forward to talking more about these with you.

Interviewer:        	Oh, please call me Sally.
Interviewer: 		Please take a seat ... Did you fly over from Frankfort this morning?
Me:			No, I got here using the train. I enjoy seeing different areas.
Interviewer:		So, Ali, did you find us all right?
			Did you find our company easy?
Me: 			Yes, thanks. Your directions were very clear, so I had no problem finding you at all.
			The direction on your website was great.
Interviewer:			How are you doing?
Me: 			I'm great, thank you. And you?
			I'm doing really well. It's such a nice day out there.
Interviewer:		It is. It was perfect weather all weekend.
Me: 	It was
Interviewer:		Did you do anything interesting over the weekend?
Me: 			Yes. I went to the park with my Friends  for a picnic
Interviewer:		That sounds nice
Interviewer:		Do want some water or coffee before begin?
Me: 			I'm ok. thank you
Interviewer:		to get started
		The position sounds like a great fit. I really enjoyed learning more about this role.
		As I mentioned, after learning more about your operations I strongly believe my qualifications make me an excellent fit for this role.
		I’m ready for next steps (Sounds good).

		“Thanks you again so much for taking the time to talk chat today! Have a great rest of your day.”
		It's great to meet you
		Thanks so much for coming in, Ali
		I can give you call next week
Me:     	Sounds good –thank you so much. Goodbye

Interviewer:	Tell me about a time when you had to work in a team. What was your role in the team?
Me:		I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch the second part of the question. Could you repeat it for me please?
Interviewer:	We originally said that we were looking for somebody to deal with the South Asian markets, but would you also be interested in working in our Middle Eastern division?
Me:		I'm really not sure... I need to consider that before I can give you an answer.
Interviewer:	The job advertisement said the internship would start at the end of August. Would you be able to start work in the last week of July instead?
Me:		The end of July? I'm pretty certain that would be fine, but I need to check my other commitments to confirm if that's okay.

You can send the following email:
Hi [Name],
I’m excited to speak with you on [date]! I just wanted to double check what time we’re chatting at (I have [time] [time zone] on my calendar) and what number you’ll be calling from. Please let me know if there’s anything else you need from me before our call.
Thanks so much!
[Your Name]

Or you can follow up on your previous conversations with:
Hi [Name],
Just confirming we’re chatting on [date] at [time] [time zone] and you’ll be calling me at [phone number]? Let me know if I have that schedule wrong.
[Your Name]

How to Reschedule a Job Interview:
Hi [Name of Interviewer],
I’m really looking forward to the chance to talk with you about [role] with [Company].
Unfortunately, I [reason you need to reschedule the interview]. As a result, I’m wondering if we could reschedule this interview for a later date. I’m available [two or three other times and days that work for you].
I’m so sorry to throw a wrench in your schedule at the last minute. But, I’m still really enthusiastic about this opportunity and am hopeful that we can connect soon.
Thanks so much for understanding, [Name of Interviewer].

All the best,
[Your Name]

1.	give the job description a gander to understand exactly what role you’re interviewing for
2.	Do some digging into the company. 
	i.	Browse their website
	ii.	Google them to gather some recent news updates
	iii.	Read their employee testimonials on other sites (like The Muse!)
	iv.	scroll through their social media
	v.	company’s history
	vi.	mission
	vii.	overall vibe
3.	Gather Your Tools
	i.	A charger
	ii.	Headphones
	iii.	A notepad and pen/pencil (or a laptop, if that’s how you prefer to take notes)
	iv.	A water bottle
	v.	A toy to play with
4.	Dress the Part
5.	Find a Quiet, Comfortable, and Convenient Place
6.	“phone person", for phone interview phobia
7.	Setting up a professional voicemail message.
i.	Try something like: “Hi, you’ve reached [Your Name]. I’m sorry I missed your call. Please leave me a detailed message and I’ll return your message as soon as possible. Thanks!”
8.	Charge Your Phone and Do a Test Run

9.	If you can’t hear them, politely say: 
a.	“I’m sorry, could you repeat the question?” or “Just to make sure I understood you, you asked [question]?”
10.	use gestures and smile while you talk (Both will automatically inject emotion into your voice)
11.	Hey, get up and walk around if that keeps you lively.
12.	Using fillers like “hum,” “OK,” “yes,” and “right” to express that you’re taking it in.
13.	Start Off Strong : 

Me:	Hello, this is Ali Farvardin
	Hello, this is Ali Farvardin. Is this Ms. Johnson?
Me: 	Hello, Ms. Johnson! Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I'm excited to discuss the opportunity to work with your company.
Me: 	I noticed on the website that you have worked at the company for about five years. Do you mind me asking how you got started with the company?
Me:	I can't quite hear you. Let me step outside and see if I get better reception. Do you mind holding on just a moment?
Me: 	Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the position. I really appreciate you interviewing me for this position. It sounds great.

Hi [name],
It was great speaking with you over the phone today. I really enjoyed learning more about The Muse’s mission to help people find companies and careers they love, and especially enjoyed discussing your vision for expanding the consumer product. I’d absolutely love the opportunity to join your team.
I look forward to hearing from you about next steps, but please let me know if there’s any other information I can provide in the meantime.
All the best, [Your Name]

Recipient’s Name>
Company Name>
Company address>
Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name>
Thank you for taking time out to talk to me on  for the position of . It was a real pleasure meeting with you, and I truly appreciate the time you took to acquaint me with your team members. I am even more enthusiastic about the possibility of working at .
 After talking with you and meeting people at the organization, I easily realized how well you infuse energy into your team on a daily basis. I believe such practices instill a sense of ownership in each employee. I was delighted to hear from you that my personality, skills, and qualifications are a great match for this opportunity. I am eager to bring my considerable skills to the job and apply my positive attitude to achieve exceptional performance for the company.
 I am very enthusiastic about the possibility of a long-term career with . Please feel free to contact me at  or by phone at . I look forward to hearing from you about next steps in the hiring process.

Recipient’s Name>
Company Name>
Company address>
Hi Jen,

I hope all is well! It was really nice speaking with you last week.
I just wanted to follow up and see where you were in the hiring process for the Oracle DBA role. I’m still very interested in and excited about this opportunity, so please let me know if there’s anything else you need from me to help in making your decision.


Recipient’s Name>
Company Name>
Company address>

Dear Human Resources Manager

I just read your website and I got some information about your company. I am very interested about your mission and vision. I would like to apply for a position as “Oracle Database Administrator” at your company.

I’m in Germany since November 2019, I will send my CV and my Cover Letter to you and I look forward to hearing from. If you have any further question or require any additional documents, please contact me at
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ali Farvardin

Recipient’s Name>
Company Name>
Company address>

Dear Human Resources Manager

I have recently had conversation with you about my experience in oracle database.

I’m in Germany since November 2019, I will send my CV and my Cover Letter again to you and I look forward to hearing from you about the progress of my application. If you have any further question or require any additional documents, please contact me at
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ali Farvardin